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Hanoi BBQ Olympics

Who needs the Olympics in Rio when we’ve got our very own version in Hanoi? Words by Edward Dalton. Photos by Julie Vola ...

Phong Nha Farmstay

When Ben and Bich Mitchell first opened Phong Nha Farmstay in December 2010, the local consensus was that they had a screw loose. ...

A Short History of Tay Ho

From a small village populated with adobe houses to one of the wealthiest areas in Hanoi, all in 25 years. Jesse Meadows tracks the rise of Tay Ho ...

Quan Bui Garden

One of Saigon’s best known Vietnamese restaurant chains, Quan Bui is garnering a reputation. But is it deserved? Our mystery diner finds out. Photos by Rodney Hughes ...

The Birdcage Village

Want to know where all those birdcages come from? Just do what Jesse Meadows did and drive out to Canh Hoach Village ...

MAD House District 7

  At MAD House in District 7, the follow-up to the successful MAD House in District 2 started by Danish couple Camilla Bailey and Casper Gustafsen, the name of the game is simplicity. What they show is minimalist, but what it tells is know-how. ...


When safe drinking water is nowhere to be found, you could always head on down to Furbrew for some hop-infused refreshment. ...

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Editor's Picks

Sewers in the Sky

Bad air quality is finally getting the media coverage it deserves. So what’s the solution? 

Ostriches of the Imagination

How could we improve our traffic system? Simple, says Devin Monaghan. Replace motorbikes with ostriches

The Flower Seller

Nguoi ban hoa or flower seller is a sensitive phrase in Vietnamese, as it has latterly become a slang term meaning a prostitute.

Saving the Jungle

As is being shown in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, to conserve the jungle you need to create jobs

The Salad Professor

I met 70-year-old Luu Van Hao at his small apartment on the second floor of a building situated at the end of Ngo Huyen. He had recently arrived home after a long trip visiting a friend. His wife looked fed up, partly because the business had...

Editor's Picks

Burger Wars

Four expert judges battled lunchtime traffic, salad cravings and meat sweats to taste 10 burgers...

The Cartoonist

A cartoonist and a teacher, But Chi’s raison d’etre is to use the creation and...

A Brief History of Beer Mythology

Through its history, beer has inspired many people to tell lies — including some about...

A Brief History of Bia Hoi

Considered the ultimate people’s beer, bia hoi started off as a concession to the shortages...

Falling Off the Wagon

It’s a common New Year’s resolution — go a month or so without drinking. Jon...

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