This peaceful village and its people, just outside Hanoi will charm the socks off you.

Edward Dalton takes it easy with a day trip to the birthplace of Ly Thai To.

If you’re new to Hanoi, or not so confident on a motorbike but want to get out of the city, a trip to Dai Lai Lake might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Cu Lao Pho

Vu Ha Kim Vy heads to an island which once was an international port of Ho Chi Minh City.

Diane Lee and Julie Vola head south out of Hanoi to Ha Thai, a village known for its lacquer products.

On the way to Vung Tau you’ll come across a mountain range called Chau Pha. Zoe Osborne goes out there to explore

Diane Lee and Julie Vola head to the village where all those bamboo hand-crafted goods come from

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